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Phone.: 718.833.3300
476 A 68th street, Brooklyn NY 11220
TOLL FREE: 1.888.262.7210
E-mail.: eshoerepair@gmail.com


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High-grade designer shoe repairer Alex will repair your shoes, boots, luggage, purses, belts or any other items. Leather work it’s our specialty!

I’ve been working on 5th Ave in Manhattan for 25 years and for 11 years have my own business in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I do a lot of work that others wouldn’t touch, like difficult refinishing and repairing, many for brand name shoes and boots that you bought for a lot of money and afraid that non-professionals can damage it or repair it in non-presentable way. Give me your shoes for repair and they will look brand new or better. I work with expensive European materials, however my prices will put smile on your face – very affordable. To prove it - come to my store or, if you prefer, I will pick up and delivery your shoes for free.

I have a lot of customers who come to me from other states and tri-state area and Manhattan, including many celebrities. They want the best job done.

My reputation for quality and dependable service it’s my best recommendation.

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NYC cobbler will repair your shoe in Brooklyn, New York (NY). We garantee quality, fast and best result. Cobblers shoe repair is good result with low price!