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Phone.: 718.833.3300
476 A 68th street, Brooklyn NY 11220
TOLL FREE: 1.888.262.7210
E-mail.: eshoerepair@gmail.com

Weekday hours 8 am - 6 pm;

Now also open on the weekends: Sat 8 am - 5 pm, Sun 8 am - 3 pm

For the best shoe repair in NYC, come to Elegant Shoe Repair. Alex, our professional cobbler has performed shoe repair for over 25 years. In addition to shoes, he can expertly repair boots, luggage, purses, belts, and other types of high quality apparel and accessories. We are proud to perform some of the finest leather work and shoe repair in NYC.

I learned my trade doing shoe repair on 5th Avenue in Manhattan for 25 years, and have my own business in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I can perform any necessary functions of shoe repair Brooklyn NY; even work those others cobblers are afraid to touch. I'd love to take on your difficult refinishing and repairing needs. Do you have expensive brand name or classic shoes? You may be afraid of taking these shoes to less professional cobblers, for fear of seeing them ruined or damaged. I promise that if you allow me to perform your shoe repair, your shoes will come back looking brand new or even better. My secret is the fine European materials I use for shoe repair. These materials are expensive and not easily obtained, but I go the distance for my craft.

Cobblers Shoe Repair Prices

Despite my dedication, and taste for only the finest materials, I know my customers demand affordable prices for their shoe repair, so I am happy to offer some of the most competitive prices for shoe repair in New York. I'd love to prove to you that I offer the best shoe repair in NYC, for the best price. If you'd like to try out my services, I can be found on 68th street in Brooklyn. You can come by the store and drop your shoes off, or I can pick them up and deliver them back to you for nothing more than the cost of the shoe repair. Please see the gallery on my website to see what I can do for you.

While I'm quickly developing a reputation for the best shoe repair in Brooklyn, I've also received visits from many customers in Manhattan and even as far as the tri-state area. I've had more than a few celebrities in my shop. They know when it comes to shoe repair, only the best is acceptable.

I have worked hard to develop a reputation for quality and dependable service. I'd love to show you how. I know you'll be satisfied.

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